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Gunnison River Basin

The "Upper Gunnison River" flows from the quaint town of Almont, Colorado to the Blue Mesa Reservoir. This 23 mile section of Wild Trout Water is home to healthy populations of Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout. The "Gunny" also produces a good number of Cutthroat and Cutbow. These resident fish typically run from 10 inches to 20 inches. While on many occasion fish have been caught over 24 inches. The river runs from about 60ft to 150ft wide riddled with enticing riffles, deep pools, and plenty of fish holding pockets.

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Streamers, nymphs, and of course dry flies will all produce fish here. There are many prolific hatches during the summer months. Caddis, Golden Stoneflies, Green Drakes, PMD's, BWO's, and Hoppers all keep the fish looking up!

The Taylor River is a treasure to all Anglers! Flowing swiftly through Taylor Canyon, the Taylor River tumbles it's way from the Taylor Park Reservoir down into Almont. Here the Taylor River joins the East River to create the Gunnison. The Taylor River flows through many bolder gardens creating some of the best pocket water found anywhere. The fish run from about 10 inches to 16 inches in size. A nice mix of Brown and Rainbow trout live in the Taylor. This river can be challenging due to it's swift nature and tricky wading. A guide is extremely helpful here as we can safely put you in the most productive areas. Because the Taylor is damn released it provides a consist ant fishery.

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The evening Caddis hatch can be awesome creating some great dry-fly fishing. The Taylor River is most commonly a walk-wade experience. Flow permitting the Taylor can also be floated at higher water during spring run-off.

The Taylor River

The Taylor Catch and Release is by far the most popular section of river in our area. The “C and R” receives all this attention for good reason. Appropriately nicknamed the “Hog Trough” the fish in the catch and release area can grow to over 30 inches and well over 10lbs. 

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Most fish run from 16-26 inches with the occasional monster.  This is a technical fishery where smalll flies and light tipper are the norm for success.  Gunnison River Guides can put you on the most productive runs, show you the best tenhniques, and supply the best flies for this challenging area.

Rainbow , Brown, Cutthrout, and Cutbow all grow to astonishing size at the Taylor River Catch and Realese.  Not only are these fish huge they are also some of the most beautifully colored trout to be found anywhere in the world!

Their vibrant colors and size are in most part due to the millions of Mysis Shrimp that get flushed out of the The Taylor Dam.   The trout feed for 12 months out of the year, and with catch and release practices many anglers have caught the trout of a lifetime here.  The most common hatches at the “C and R” include Midges, BWO’s, PMD’s, and Shrimp.  The Green Drake hatch although not as thick as on the Gunnison can be very productive.  If you are ready for a challenge, the fish of a lifetime just may be waiting for you at the Taylor River Catch and Release.

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